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The Salford Lads Club Camp 2015


The party set off early this morning for the annual camp in Aberystwyth. The fatigue group are already down in Wales getting the site ready and errecting all the tents. Its a big group this year with nearly 60 young people and adult volunteers. For more updates about this years camp please look on our facebook page.

Chef Ray shares cooking skills with the Girls Club

girls club cookery 2015

The girls club have started a six week cookery project funded by the Community Piggy Bank. Chef Ray Jones is teaching everyone the skills of cookery, it’s an ambitious menu every week with the group totally involved for the two hour sessions.

girls club cookery course with chef Ray Jones

Class of 2015, inspiring communities


The RECLAIM team are holding their new conference at the club this week; for their project with Salford Boys. 30 boys aged 12 to 13 from communities all across Salford, are taking part in the 2 year programme aimed at inspiring the next generation of community leaders.