Smiths Room

The Smith Room

The Smiths Room


Phil, Leslie and the Duke of Kent - April 2004

Phil, Leslie and the Duke of Kent – April 2004

The ground floor room off the main gym room was originally a fives (squash) court. This was altered in1920 to create a changing room for gymnastics and football. By the 1970s the room was used for weightlifting and body building. It stopped being used by 1984 but retained all the pictures and equipment, some dating back to the 1950s and 1960s.

In 2003 a live BBC 6 Music programme was held at the club to mark 25 years since the release of The Smiths “Hand in Glove” A group of fans were invited to the event. Leslie Holmes outlined his idea for the weightlifting room where fans could leave pictures or messages to mark their visit.

Leslie and Hugh official opening June 2004

Leslie and Hugh official opening June 2004

In 2004 as part of the clubs HLF “From Baden Powell To Morrissey” project Leslie Holmes created the smiths room and included the first pictures and post it notes from fans. The room was officially opened by Smiths fan Hugh Clarke in June 2004


Mosaic from Afflecks Palace Manchester. In October 2012 Elaine Walsh,   founder of Afflecks Palace donated the original mosaic featuring Morrissey. The mosaic was created by Mark Kennedy and installed outside Afflecks Palace in 1995, it was taken down in 2008









The Smiths Room is open for visitors throughout the year, please contact the club by email to arrange a visit. The room is also open for the clubs open day events and as part of Heritage Open Weekend in early September. Visits are also arranged by Manchester Music tours.

Leslie Holmes would like to thank the following people for their help and contributions to the Smiths Room, Damian Morgan, Stephen Wright, Mike Joyce, Hugh Clarke, Kevin Lloyd, Anthony Ball, Phil Gatenby and the volunteer workers at the club.

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  • It was strategy, not goals, that were debated in Smith's back room, concerns that would continue to reverberate for decades after the war. …

  • Hania says:

    This is really so incredible! Can't wait to visit someday…

  • Angie says:

     Dear Leslie
    I would just like to say thanks once again for allowing us to come in The Lads Club on 22nd May. Its been a dream of mine for a long time. We came up from Luton to see the game at Man City (which we lost) – you were more than happy to show us round so made my day!!!!

    Will keep an eye out for the Open Days so I can come up again and look at everything properly….so much to take in!!!

    Thanks, once again.
    Best Wishes
    Angie Duffy

  • Angie says:

     Sorry, that should have said 21st May…….

  • Chris says:

    Hi Leslie

    Many thanks again for taking the picture.

    Chris, Wigan.

  • Luke Roby says:

    Thanks for the tour Leslie Fantastic ;)

  • Hugh Clark says:

    The pleasure the privilege was mine!

  • anthony says:

    best bund ever