Camping Post-WW2 and Post-Pandemic

When the junior group set off last Saturday for the club’s first camp in 3 years, it was a reminder of the problems faced by earlier generations of Salford Lads.

At the end of WW2, veteran club members Eric Salthouse and Archie Swift were young lads looking forward to their first ever holiday with Salford Lads Club – but they had to wait until 1947 for their first experience of camping! This was a junior camp to Kettleshulme in Derbyshire, with older boys attending a senior camp later in the year.

Fast forward to 2022 and Covid has had a similar impact on our annual excursion: the introduction of age bubbles, to keep everyone safe through the pandemic, has been extended into separate junior and senior camps in the Lake district.

As you can imagine however, the list of clothes requested for lads to bring in 1947 (see image above) was very different from today’s list, which includes trainers, fleeces, sleeping bags and mobile phones!

We’d like to thank The Zochonis Trust for funding the 2022 camp and @GMYouthFed for enabling us to use Ormside Mill Oudoor Centre in the Lake District.