The Groves brothers were two of 10 children of William Peer Grimble Groves who set up a vinegar works in Blantyre Sreet Manchester and in 1868 bought the Bathe and Newbolds Brewery on Regent Road Salford. By 1888 this was rebuilt and became Groves and Whitnall Brewery with the two brothers in partnership with Arthur William Whitnall.

They became the founders of Salford Lads Club in 1903.The club was purpose built and designed by architect Henry Lord.

The Groves family have continued their involvement with the club during the past 115 years and Major Jeremy Groves the great grandson of James Grimble Groves, who died in 2003, was president for more than 30 years. His son Anthony Groves took over the presidency in August 2003.

Salford Lads’ Club was part of the wider movement of  lads clubs set up by local companies and philanthropists between 1886 and 1910 in many industrialised cities, particularly The North West of England. The aim was to provide positive alternatives to the teenage street gangs of the time with sports, arts , cultural and educational activities. Salford Lads’ Club was one of the few to include a work bureau, finding employment for lads aged 13 and upwards. The club opened in August 1903 and was officially opened on January 30th 1904 by Robert Baden-Powell, The photo below shows the opening ceremony with Baden Powell in the centre.