Salford Lads Club Archive

Last year we gave NWFA film of the clubs annual camp trips from 1937 – 1986 contact them through their website –

For more information about the history and heritage of Ordsall and Salford contact

Archive website articles

13/02/04 – Guardian Unlimited – This charming shrine

09/02/04 – – Heaven knows we’re historical now

26/01/04 – – Lads club looks to next generation

30/08/03 – – Cult hangout rescued

30/06/03 – – 100 years of Lads Club history
21/04/03 – – From musical mecca to national treasure?

Archive newspaper articles

29/10/03 – article from the Guardian about our heritage fund project

17/04/02 – article from the Manchester Evening News about The Smiths being named as the most influential band on the magazine NME

21/04/01 – article from the Manchester Evening News about Chesney Hawkes recreating the scene of The Smiths standing outside the club for a TV quiz show

02/08/88 – article about fans of The Smiths visiting the club