February 2004

The Centenary Weekend, Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February, was a great success with more than 500 people braving the weather. It snowed leading up to the weekend, then it rained for 24 hours on the Saturday when 150 hardy souls turned up to enjoy the event.

Sunday brightened up and the place was full all day, so thanks to everyone who came. Chef Ray Jones’s camp food was a big hit with people queuing to eat in the dining area in the junior games room.

The period camp tent was fantastic with people going inside to watch the archive films of the club annual camp trips. We also had a display in the main gym of archive material from 1904.

We thought it might be Morrissey arriving by limo along Coronation Street, but we were pleased to see it was the Mayor of Salford, for which we were very grateful and would like to thank him very much for his support.

The Smiths Room

Smiths fans from all over the world visit the club and in the last few years many of them have come inside and looked around the building. They have all been extremely friendly and positive about the club. From their feedback, we think that fans would like to be able to leave a record of their visit at the club for other fans to share.

The Smiths Room will be a place for fans to leave photos, messages or other mementos. (We have no plans –or funding – to create a Smiths ‘museum’, as has been reported in the press recently).

We will open The Smiths Room for the first time from 18th – 27th June 2004 when the club is open to visitors for Architecture Week. If people want to send us a photo or a message for the room please post them to: The Smiths Room Salford Lads’ Club St Ignatius Walk Salford Lancashire, UK M5 3RX

We’d particularly like to build up a collection of photos of fans standing outside our main entrance. Please include your name, the dates of any visits you’ve made to the club and the country you live in. Messages from fans who haven’t visited the club would also be welcome. If you include your email address we’ll let you know when your message is in the room. (Hopefully in the future we’ll be able to take messages etc by email, but we’ll see how it goes – we think that hand-written stuff + original photos will make it more personal.)

We are also working with Empire Publications (who published Morrissey’s Manchester) they are bringing out a book with pictures of fans outside the front entrance, all proceeds of which will go to the club. If you want to email a picture for the book send it to enquiries@empire-uk.com

We already have a small group of very dedicated fans who are working with the club, but if anyone else would like to help or contribute their ideas please get in touch. Contact info@salfordladsclub.org.uk

“From Baden Powell to Morrissey”

“From Baden Powell to Morrissey” which is our HLF Young Roots project gets proper billing above the main entrance thanks to Urban Splash and the guys from Valentine Signs. It will stay up at least until the end of June.

The project work will be on display during Architecture Week June 18th – 27th.

The dome above the main entrance has been illuminated each evening since the 30th January so if you’re passing have a look out for it.

Building the Tower of Babel

Last month David Britch and 20 architecture students from Sheffield University came to work with 70 pupils from St Clements and Radclyffe Primary Schools.

We called the project “Building the Tower of Babel” everyone started from giant flat cardboard sheets and by the end of the day we had the gym filled with amazing towers.

…and Finally

We had 8 local people taking part in an evaluation of a website about architecture recently. www.lookingatbuildings.org.uk

We all had a good time finding out about the famous building in England, and in Manchester.

The SAYO girls dance group put on a performance in the concert hall for parents and friends recently. They performed about 6 different pieces and it ended with a solo fire dance.

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