May – December 2004

Andy Rourke,Vinny Peculiar,Mike Joyce

Vinny on Balcony.jpg

Photograph by Ian Tilton. The band, together with Ben Knott on keyboards, have been rehearsing in the club bandroom for the past few months. They start a UK tour on Wednesday 10th November in Chelmsford and finish in Liverpool on 18th December. More at

The Wembley of Lads’ Clubs!

“Played in Manchester” is a book about Manchester’s Sporting Heritage. It contains a double page of text and 8 photographs about Salford Lads’ Club. We’re really pleased that the book recognises us as “the finest example of a pre-First World War boys’ club surviving and operating today.” It also says that our club ranks alongside the Victoria Baths and the Manchester Ice Palace in terms of national importance. The book also refers to the importance of the club’s archives and describes the background to the iconic status of Stephen Wright’s picture of The Smiths. At the book launch the author, Simon Inglis, described the club as “The Wembley of Lads’ clubs”! “Played in Manchester” by Simon Inglis (ISBN 1 87359 2787) website at

Metrolink name Tram no. 2004 “Salford Lads’ Club”

slc tram.jpg

Volunteers and young club members went to Eccles on the 31st August 2004 to see a Metrolink Tram named after the club! It’s a really special way to mark the end of our centenary year. Jamie Armsden, whose son Niall is a member of the club, arranged for this to happen and we’d really like to thank him for that (even though he is a City supporter…) So, next time you are in Manchester and travelling out to Salford, make sure you travel on the “Salford Lads’ Club” tram!

slc camp 2004.jpg

Making History: Saturday 12.00 29th May 2004

A group of 18 young people set off for Aberystwyth this morning – to complete 100 years of camping at Salford Lads’ Club! As usual, a party of the club’s adult volunteers are already in North Wales setting up the camp before the young people join them later today. This picture shows the young people and their families waiting to set off for camp. The first SLC camp was at Llandulas in 1904. (See History: Camping Page for more details of the first camp.)

After 100 years of camping these pictures show just how much things have changed! Here is a picture from our first camp in 1904 and another picture that we took at our camp earlier this month. Spot the difference…

peeling potatoes 1904.jpg

peeling potatoes 2004.jpg







Trips out from camp – relaxing on the beach in 1904 and a visit to a silver mine in 2004!

a day out 1904.jpg

a day out 2004.jpg



SMITHS ROOM More than 400 people attended the opening weekend of the Smiths Room at Salford Lads’ Club in June 2004. Friday’s events attracted the biggest audiences, with Stephen Wright’s photo shoot raising more than £160 for the Alzheimer’s charity. In the evening the room was officially opened by Smiths devotee Hugh Clark (Seen here on the right with Leslie Holmes from SLC.) Andy Rourke and singer/songwriter Vinny Peculiar returned by popular demand to play another memorable acoustic set.

Stephen Wright, who has given us some great items for the Smiths Room, has more pictures on

Here is one of the first messages left by a fan in the room – the mirror had been untouched for 20 years…

If anyone recognises the two people in the picture on the right please ask them to contact the club!

smiths room mirror.jpg

who are they.jpg

A review of the Smiths Room can be found at


April 2004

Imge NZ

Coronation Street Tour

Well its great to have a band named after us and we recently received this picture of a band from New Zealand who are called Salford Lads‘ Club. They are currently on their “Coronation Street tour”. For more about them visit

Image Duke

Royal visit

We had a visit from HRH The Duke of Kent KG last month to celebrate our centenary and to raise awareness of our need to restore and improve our building, which needs around 1 million pounds. The picture shows the Duke of Kent, centre, club leader Leon Warmington and Secretary Brian Ball left, with the mayor and deputy mayor of Salford on the right. The event was also attended by Lady Penelope Gage great grand daughter of William Grimble Groves, one of the club’s founders.

photograph by Eric Howard

Image archie

Archie Swift

Club officer Archie Swift has just received the Mayor of Salford’s award of Citizen of the month. This is for his lifetime work as a volunteer at the club and for his contribution to our centenary events. Archie is pictured in the window of the trophy room at the club. Archie featured in the BBC I inside out programme with Andy Rourke, the film “ One of the Lads” made by Ben Cooke and Andrea Watson which Christopher Eccleston narrated. He was also interviewed on digital radio BBC 6 music by Liz Kershaw and on BBC GMR news.

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