Pictures from the Royal visit 4th February

pics from royal visit

TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall pictured
in the sports hall. L to R . Signing the visitors book. Unveiling a
commemorative plaque. Young cooks, dancers, drummers
and volunteers enjoy the occasion.
pics of royal visit 2
pics of royal visit 3
Senior volunteers, Eric Salthouse Archie Swift MBE and Alan Sloan
Swedish Drill performance in the gym -Youth organisations in the concert Hall
Brian Barnes and Cobra Kickboxers – Dave Connell and ABA Boxers

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were treated to displays by ABA boxers, kickboxers and dancers during their visit. Prince Charles gave a speech about Youth United in the North West to representatives of different voluntary organisations working with young people. The Prince and Duchess looked at the clubs archive including a letter from Baden Powell confirming his intention to officially open the club in January 1904.

Everyone at the club felt the visit was a great success and showed the Prince’s interest in the varied opportunities the club offers to young people.

One thought on “Pictures from the Royal visit 4th February

  1. It's great to see Salford and it's people in a positive light,there are alot of good people still living there.I am from Manchester but I went to Salford University and have many friends from Salford,so I feel I have some affinity with the city,and it makes me happy to see the great spirit is still alive there.

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