99th Salford Lads’ Club Camp

A party of 44 young people and adult volunteers set off for the 99th annual camp today.  It was raining in Salford, but  sunny in Wales where the advance party had already set up camp.

SLC setting off 2010

Veteran volunteer Eric said “Blimey 99, I remember my first camp in 1946, how time fly’s” First timer  Dylan aged 10 said  “I’ve never been camping before, I’m really looking forward to playing football against a team from Aberystwyth”

Club president Anthony Groves will be dropping in to meet the party, 106 years after his Great Great Grandfather, James Grimble Groves attended the first camp in 1904.setting up the tents in Wales

One thought on “99th Salford Lads’ Club Camp

  1. This is too all, at aber camp, I hope the weather keeps fine I know how important that is.This is the 4th camp I have missed in 40 years, STILL miss it, I am thinking about U all. Have a GOOD CAMP boys.

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