New Drama premiers at the club

A new group of talented actors, Strawberry Blond Curls
premiered a powerful tragic/comic drama “Elastic Bridge”
at the club tonight.

Elastic Bridge premier at Salford Lads' club

Ed ,Rosie, John of Strawberry Blond Curls

Eddie Fortune, Rosie McPherson and John Tomlinson devised,
and acted in their first joint production which they have rehearsed
at the club over the past month

A second performance takes at the club tomorrow at 7.30pm.
Tickets available from or on the door.

2 thoughts on “New Drama premiers at the club

  1. ''These actors have gotten together and devised an intriguing plot brought to you with 3 sensational performances. A hilarious tale which is a must see for all!''

  2. really enjoyed the performance . well thought out , the three actors were very convincing in their roles , hope to see more of them in the future . great venue !!!

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