Mask me, Mask me, Mask me

Like many small charities the past year has impacted on our ability to raise funds, and we have lost over £60,000 of our income. A great deal of this is because we have had to close our doors to visitors. We want this ”mask me” fundraiser to raise awareness of charities like ours who so far have been unable to access national emergency funds. We generate 30% of our income from sales of T shirts and over the past 15 years we have accumulated trial samples of the shirts. Working with Holly Ramsay of Salford arts business from Islington Mill we have created a set of 30 unique masks from these samples.  

If you would like to support us, please make a bid for 1 of these 30 masks to stating the number of the mask and the amount you would like to offer,  for example mask nu. 25 or Any mask, the minimum donation we are asking for is £20 which will cover our costs, so any amount above this will raise funds for our future.

SEE Facebook, Twitter and instagram FOR HIGHEST BIDS SO FAR

The fundraiser will be open until 10.00 pm on the 9th December. We will then contact the people who have made the highest bid for each mask. The uniquely numbered mask will be posted out with a mask me postcard, designed by Amber McCormack (who also created the Morrissey bust.) These will be posted during the week of 14th December.

Frankie and the Heartstrings melt the ice at Salford Lads’ Club

Frankie & the Heartstrings in the concert hall at Salford Lads' club

The North East may be frozen but Frankie and The Heartstrings braved the arctic weather to perform a glowing set in the concert hall last night.

The gig had started with a terrific set from Brooklyn indies Small Black
before Frankie and co took to the stage. Fans who had trudged along an ice bound Coronation Street were rewarded with a bit of northern soul, giant projected black and white images of the 1980s miners strike making a stark contrast to the lively Sunderland five piece.

The gig was organised by Islington Mill