Social Media Surgeries at Salford Lads’ Club

We held our first Social Media Surgery at the club on the 28th September. We were joined by some:

  • “patients” – people from community & voluntary organisations who needed some help in social media
  • “surgeons” – experts who could help the patients!

Some of the patients and surgeons
Some of the patients and surgeons
Social Media Surgeries work by putting these two people together, with a laptop and a cup or tea. It is very informal, but a great way to ask those questions about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other number of websites and technologies.

And – of course – we took the patients and surgeons on a tour of the club afterwards! Many thanks to all those that came along.

Social Media Surgeries for November & December

We are delighted to announce two more surgeries on the 10th November and 8th December (4.30pm-6.30pm). If you can come along – as a surgeon or patient (or both!) then please sign up on the Social Media Surgery+ website, so we know how much tea and coffee to make!

Salford Social Media Surgery is organised by Steven Flower and Leslie Holmes, with the support of the team at SMS+.