“Flanny” and “Torky”

The club lost two of its well-known and well-loved characters recently with the deaths of John Flannigan and John Torkington. Both were lads here in the early 1950s and continued to support the club for many years.

Flanny & Torky 2005 camp

2005 SLC camp with “Flanny”, back row far left, Paddy Cook  and “Torky” on the right in blue t shirt.

John Flannigan grew up in Granville Street and attended St Joseph’s RC Primary. John attended 4 camps between 1952 and 1957. His main sport was cricket where he became a fine batsman for local club Colgate Palmolive. He was a key member of the volunteer team with more than 32 years’ service, attending almost every camp. Local history meant a lot to John and he contributed to all our events and open days, his sense of humour will be missed by everyone.

John Torkington lived in Phoebe Street and went to Trafford Road Primary School.  He was an all-round sportsman and captain of one of the great football teams at the club, organising many sporting events at camp during the 1950s and 60s.He continued to support the clubs events over the next 30 years attending many camps.

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