SUMO, boxing and first aid make good citizens

200 seventeen year olds have been in the club for the past 2 days as part of Salford Foundation’s NCS programme. The National Citizen Service is very popular and this year the group have included new activities. SUMO (shut up and move on!) is aimed at developing confidence in young people, the introduction to boxing is about challenging yourself, and the first aid is about personel survival skills and helping others.



Black Belt and First Aid

Black Belt - First Aid

3 members of the Cobra kickboxing Club have reached brown and black belt levels recently. Laura Ellis 1st Dan Black Belt, Cathy Morris, brown belt and Lee Morgan 3rd Dan Black Belt.
9 young club members and adult volunteers have taken part in a national first aid training course at the club over the past 2 weeks.

Pictures show – Cobra kickboxers in the boxing gym, and club members in the concert hall.