Lighting the Legend

Ordsall Community Arts Annual Lantern parade passed by the club last night. Lantern bearers Sue and Marie pose with a watering can from the themed event which this year celebrated the new Ordsall Community Allotment on Tatton Street. Lantern workshops were held at the club with Kidzwidreamz and the Girls Club, and club members Rory and Ellis volunteered as part of the event.

Art and Sport in the gym

Kidzwidreamz, The Girls Club, and The Lads Club have been collaborating on a new project over the last 6 months. The project led by Ordsall Community Arts created opportunities for older teenagers from the Lads club to work as sports coaches with younger children. Artists worked with Kidzwidreamz creating a series of sporty collaged figures. The project culminated with a special event in the club last week for parents and young people.

Jade’s Master Class with DIVERSITY

Aviva Street to School
15 year old Jade Crowther travelled to the Pineapple Dance studios in London last weekend to take part in “ Street Dance for Change” learning dance moves alongside members of the street dance group Diversity. Jade has taken part in dance projects at the club for the past 4 years with Kidzwidreamz, and Company Fierce. Jade currently has a place at The Company Fierce Dance Academy funded by the Salford Foundation Trust.

The “Street Dance For Change” project involved young people from clubs across the country and is raising awareness of the charity The Railway Children.

Jades choreographed routine can be seen at
And every view generates a donation of £2 from AVIVA to the charity ‘Railway Children’

Kids cook for Co-op

kidzwidreamz cooking group

The kidzwidreamz cooking team led by chef Ray Jones prepare to put on a big spread for the annual general meeting of the new barracks tenants co-operative. The kidzwidreamz  group have a wealth of experience having catered for Prince Charles and the BBC Philharmonic in the past, so tonight’s group of 80 local people should be easy cheesy!

Hip Hop Specialists & Kidzwidreamz

Last night was a real Christmas party atmosphere with over 50 young people in the club. Our grand entrance hall was taken over by The Specialists The Specialists in the entrance Hall– a local hip hop team of Scott, Ricky and Ben. In the  gym lots of lads took part in the weird tradition of  blind boxing, ably marshalled by boxing coach Dave  Connell .

On Saturday night the place is taken over by Kidzwidreamz for a Christmas Cabaret – Jingle Bell Rock. Included is food by Chef Ray and the cooking team. Kidzwidreamz Dancers, Company Fierce Dance Academy, The St Clements Disco Dollies and even a bit of family bingo. Doors open 5.15 the event ends at 7.30 Photos – The backdrop being painted for the Kidzwidreams event on Saturday. The Specialists at last nights event.

painting_back_drop 2

Jingle Bell Rock eventPhoto from Saturday nights

cabaret event in the gym