Hip Hop Specialists & Kidzwidreamz

Last night was a real Christmas party atmosphere with over 50 young people in the club. Our grand entrance hall was taken over by The Specialists The Specialists in the entrance Hall– a local hip hop team of Scott, Ricky and Ben. In the  gym lots of lads took part in the weird tradition of  blind boxing, ably marshalled by boxing coach Dave  Connell .

On Saturday night the place is taken over by Kidzwidreamz for a Christmas Cabaret – Jingle Bell Rock. Included is food by Chef Ray and the cooking team. Kidzwidreamz Dancers, Company Fierce Dance Academy, The St Clements Disco Dollies and even a bit of family bingo. Doors open 5.15 the event ends at 7.30 Photos – The backdrop being painted for the Kidzwidreams event on Saturday. The Specialists at last nights event.

painting_back_drop 2

Jingle Bell Rock eventPhoto from Saturday nights

cabaret event in the gym

Hip Hop at Salford Lads’ Club

Beat Nation
Beat Nation

‘Beat Nation’ a 2 hour ‘Live Urban Beats’ event took place at the club this week. 3 experts worked with young club members to create a mass of sound. It even brought the kick boxers down from the boxing gym above! Thanks to the Greater Manchester Music Action Zone and to the Greater Manchester Federation of Clubs For Young People for organising the event.