Salford Lads’ Club’s 102nd Annual Camp

A party of young people and volunteers club set off from the club this morning for the 102nd annual camp. As usual a group are already in Wales setting up the campsite. This is the 80th year the club have camped in Aberystwyth, the first camp taking place in 1933.

The archive picture shows the club setting off from the same spot in 1914.  The photograph shows Frankenstein’s textile factory (demolished in 1973) where the general store stands today. In 1914 the party were heading for Ramsey on the Isle of Man and the charabanc was used to transport lads to the railway station for the journey to Liverpool.

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101st Salford Lads’ Club Camp

 A party of young club members and volunteers set off today for the 101st Salford Lads’ club camp at Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. A group of volunteers had already travelled down on Wednesday to set up the campsite. The party is made up of more than 50 including senior volunteer Eric Salthouse who first attended camp in 1948.

Would you like to attend the 100th Salford Lads’ Club Camp?

The First Salford Lads Club  Camp 1904

The historic 100th camp by the club takes place in Aberystwyth from May 28th – 4th June.

As part of the celebrations we have arranged a day visit by coach for up to 50 former members who attended a Salford Lads Club camp in the past.

If you are a former member and would like to take part, please either ring the club on 0161 872 3767 leaving your name and contact details and we will get back to you. Or email us at .

preparations for the 2011 SLC campPreparations for the camp are already underway, a new camp hut was delivered to the site.

At the club  meeting have taken for new campers, tent captains and the team of volunteers.

A TV at Camp!

Setting off for camp 2008
Setting off for camp 2008

The club set off today for the annual camp holiday to Aberystwyth in Wales with 30 lads and 20 adult volunteers. As well as the usual activities, like swimming, fishing, football, and an army assault course, watching TV will be an essential part of this years camp. The reason, is that everyone will be watching former Salford Lads’ Club member Kallum Higginbotham play at Wembley for Rochdale FC in the 2nd Division play off final.

BBC Wales have a special celebration of the clubs’ 75 year link with Aberystwyth on their website at

Photograph by Jason Lock

Biggest SLC Camp in 20 years

Camp 2007
Camp 2007

A party of 40 set off today for the Annual Camp at Aberystwyth in North Wales, where the club have been camping since 1933. It’s the largest camp to take place at the club for 20 years. The second picture was taken earlier this week, showing young club members loading supplies for the week ahead.

We are delighted to have support from Salford Council’s PAYP programme for this year’s camp.

Smiths fan joins annual camp!

24 young people and 12 volunteer workers have set off on our annual camp holiday to Aberystwyth.

This year the group includes Smiths fan Kevin Lloyd, whose role includes making a film of this year’s event. This is the 101st year of camping trips made by SLC and these two pictures show the change in modes of transport. The picture from 1911 shows a group setting off from Oxford Street, opposite the front of the club – the charabanc only took them as far as the railway station. The picture from 2005 shows the 2 mini buses
setting off from the side of the club. The street is now called St Ignatius Walk, but was formerly Oxford Street.