Archie meets his hero

Archie and Charlie Pawsey, Charlie Pawsey  in 1952

Salford Lad and  rugby league star Charlie Pawsey returned to the club yesterday . Charlie was captain of Leigh RLFC, an England star and also captained the Great Britain team on the tour of Australia in 1950.

Archie, a life long fan of the game recalled Charlie’s exploits on the pitch for Leigh, England and Great Britain  Charlie was also at Manchester United before WW2 but switched to Rugby League after the war. His SLC membership record shows he attended the 1937 camp, played netball for the club and his first job was as a cabin boy. Charlie spent his working life on the docks becoming a stevedore.

Pictures show Archie and Charlie in the gym, and Charlie in 1952

105 years ago Salford Lads’ Club set off for the first Whitsuntide camp

42 young people and volunteers set off for camp at 12.00 on Saturday, exactly 105 years after the club’s first Whitsuntide camp in 1904.

Photographer Stephen Wright was on hand to record this historic event.
The fatigue party were already in Aberystwyth, setting up the tents and the campsite.  The party included veteran volunteers Eric Salthouse and Archie Swift who attended their first camp in 1946.

Setting off for camp 2009
Setting off for camp 2009

A TV at Camp!

Setting off for camp 2008
Setting off for camp 2008

The club set off today for the annual camp holiday to Aberystwyth in Wales with 30 lads and 20 adult volunteers. As well as the usual activities, like swimming, fishing, football, and an army assault course, watching TV will be an essential part of this years camp. The reason, is that everyone will be watching former Salford Lads’ Club member Kallum Higginbotham play at Wembley for Rochdale FC in the 2nd Division play off final.

BBC Wales have a special celebration of the clubs’ 75 year link with Aberystwyth on their website at

Photograph by Jason Lock

Biggest SLC Camp in 20 years

Camp 2007
Camp 2007

A party of 40 set off today for the Annual Camp at Aberystwyth in North Wales, where the club have been camping since 1933. It’s the largest camp to take place at the club for 20 years. The second picture was taken earlier this week, showing young club members loading supplies for the week ahead.

We are delighted to have support from Salford Council’s PAYP programme for this year’s camp.

Dinosaur Eggs at Salford Lads’ Club Camp

Dinosaur Eggs
The group and their dinosaur eggs

24 young people from Salford Lads’ Club set off for the Annual camp trip to Aberystwyth with 4 fake Dinosaur Eggs, which will be used during the egg and spoon race. The club had made a fruitless search of craft shops in Manchester and Salford looking for wooden eggs. Club leader Leon said ‘All we could find were polystyrene eggs and they’d blow off the spoons during the race, so we thought these fake dinosaur eggs might be a better bet.

Ghost Camp

From 18th June – 3rd July 2005 our concert hall will be transformed into a ghostly campsite by artist Leslie Holmes.

The installation is based around the mysterious events of SLC’s wartime camping trip in 1940.
The exhibition will be open to the public over 3 weekends: 18/19 June, 25/26 June and 2/3 July from 11am –4pm.

Find out about other events taking place during Architecture Week at

The Ghost Camp
The Ghost Camp

Smiths fan joins annual camp!

24 young people and 12 volunteer workers have set off on our annual camp holiday to Aberystwyth.

This year the group includes Smiths fan Kevin Lloyd, whose role includes making a film of this year’s event. This is the 101st year of camping trips made by SLC and these two pictures show the change in modes of transport. The picture from 1911 shows a group setting off from Oxford Street, opposite the front of the club – the charabanc only took them as far as the railway station. The picture from 2005 shows the 2 mini buses
setting off from the side of the club. The street is now called St Ignatius Walk, but was formerly Oxford Street.